Emerald Coast Boil Company was started in 2019 by Chef Brandon Sigler to provide a delivery service and on-site boils for everyone living or visiting this beautiful part of Florida.

Growing up and vacationing on the Emerald Coast were some of his fondest memories. Enjoying fresh seafood was always a highlight of his family vacation. Gathering around a pot with fresh gulf shrimp and fix-ins reminds him of good times with his family. In 2016 Brandon and his wife, Brittany, decided to make the move from Tennessee so she could pursue her career in the beauty industry and become an on-location bridal expert.

 Food has always been a passion for Brandon. He soon decided to start doing some catering for bridal parties and their families.

 It was then one night when making something so popular and loved by all would soon turn into Emerald Coast Boil Company.  

This company was thought out and created to provide a service to not only vacationers, but also locals, that want to enjoy a low-country boil at their location with family and friends! Our mission is to provide exceptional service and the freshest food possible.

 So, skip the lines and the long waits, and trade it for lasting memories cooking with your family! Book us for your next boil!




All you do is order online and we bring everything to your location!

Start out by letting us know how many people will be partaking in your boil. Everything is calculated and charged per person. You will then provide us with your date and location. 

Once you have verified and completed the order along with acknowledging the terms, simply submit your order, provide payment, and then you are scheduled. You will receive a confirmation email within 24 hours of booking. If you have any questions, while placing your order, please feel free to give us a call! For all catering inquirie. Also for any further information please contact us!


Local Gulf Shrimp

Conecuh Sausage

Corn on the Cob

 Red Potatoes 


Chef Sigler’s Signature Seasoning


You will receive a call or text 24 hours before delivery is made to confirm address and delivery of food and rental equipment. Our standard equipment only fits 8 to 12 pounds.

The day of your scheduled boil we will arrive with your cold food items (i.e.-shrimp, sausage, sauces) stored in a Styrofoam Cooler that is yours to keep. Corn and potatoes will be stored and delivered in a separate bag along with any other dry items that were ordered.

We then show you, or someone in the group, how to properly set up and use the pot/burner that is provided. Don’t worry we provide all instructions on how to make this ultimate low country boil!

After you have enjoyed the best boil on the beach, simply just rinse out the pot and we will pick up the following day!


Traditional Shrimp Boil- $15.95 per person 

(This is a mix of Local Gulf Shrimp, Sausage, Corn on the cob, and Red Potatoes) 1LB



Snow Crab Legs- MKT Price

Clams- MKT Price

Mussels – MKT Price

Caesar Salad contains croutons, parmesan cheese, and Caesar dressing (feeds 6-8 ppl)-$25

Spring Mix Salad contains mandarin oranges, craisins, candid pecans, feta cheese along with raspberry balsamic dressing (feeds 6-8 ppl)-$30

Brandon’s Homemade Cocktail Sauce -$3.99 Per Container 

Remoulade Sauce- $7.99 Per Container

Old Bay Butter - $3.99 Per Container

Extra Lemons - $1.00 Per Lemon

Disposable Tablecloth $5

(Please note: A $100 deposit is withheld until picked up the next day to ensure there is no missing or damaged equipment)

(All equipment is tested daily to ensure top quality performance)

Stock Pot with Lid, Steam Basket, Burner, and Propane Tank(Only fits 8 to 12 pounds of food)-$35 Per Day

 Fee and Setup 

*Pick Up 8-10am

*Drop Offs 3-5pm

Pick up and delivery to all approved locations (30A to Miramar Beach/Destin area only)-$35

Propane Use Fee $10

Tent Rental $50

Table Rental $15


When placing your orders, please feel free to contact us with any questions!

Not only will you receive everything you need to construct your boil, we also provide heavy duty paper to put down where the boil will be laid out.

Did we mention you get to keep the cooler!

We recommend booking us far out in advance to ensure we can fit your boil in for your desired dates.



  • 1 Pound of meat feeds 3-4 people*

  • Buns and Sauce included with meats*

  • $150 Minimum bbq order

  • Delivery Fee TBD

  • All food is delivered in disposable aluminum containers


  • Slow Smoked Pulled Pork $18 per pound

  • Slow Smoked Pulled Chicken $19 Per Pound



  • Candy Bar Brownies $35

  • Rum Cake $20

  • Key Lime Pie $25

               House Made Slaw

  • Small $15(feeds 6-8 People)

  • Large $30( feeds 14-16 People)

                  Award Winning Baked Beans 

  • Small $25

  • Large $50

         MAC & Cheese

  • Small $25

  • Large $50

        Chedder Bay Biscuit

  • $12 per dozen 




850-803-BOIL/ 850-803-2645

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